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Welcome to Captivating Anya Taylor-Joy!

Hello and welcome to Captivating Anya Taylor-Joy, your newest source dedicated to the talented actress Anya Taylor-Joy! You might know Anya for her roles in The VVitch: A New-England Folktale, Morgan, Split and most recently in The Masterpiece’s The Miniaturist – If you live in USA make sure to watch it on PBS America, Sunday’s at 8PM (EST)! This has been a long time coming as some might say. I’ve been a fan of Anya’s for about a year and a half now and seeing how far her career has gone since then makes me extremely happy to cover her upcoming projects and keep her fans up to date with everything that goes on in Anyaland. Be aware though, i’ll only be covering her career. To respect Anya’s privacy, i will not be posting any gossip nor paparazzi photos with the exception of those of Anya arriving/leaving public appearances (they will be inserted in said public appearance).

I’d like to thank Nicole from Nowhereland9 designs for the gorgeous header. I knew the moment i saw this recent shoot of Anya’s that i needed it as header and Nicole knew exactly how to grab it and turn it into the header we can see above. My friends, Luciana – who literally gave me the final push to make this site and for that reason, we should all be grateful to her; and Elise – who witness me falling in love with Anya when she attended Sundance Film Festival in 2017 and has been cheering me on to make a site ever since. It only took a year and a half but hey, it’s done! I’m still working on some content such as a press archive with all articles/interviews Anya has been part of these past years but for the time being, you can visit our gallery with currently 16,318 images and learn more about Anya and her Career in their respective pages!

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