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Anya Taylor-Joy Is More Than Just Another Hollywood Scream Queen

With The Masterpiece’s The Miniaturist airing its second episode on PBS America tonight (if you live in the UK, yes, it’s the same show that aired just last year on BBC!), Anya has been promoting the show and IndieWire has just posted an interview where she speaks about her character and how she picks her roles!

Anya Taylor-Joy made quite the impression in her breakout role as the vulnerable Thomasin in “The Witch.” Since then, she’s been no stranger to projects that delve into horrors and the evil that men do, such as when she played a kidnapped girl in M. Night Shyamalan’s “Split.” This career trajectory has caused some to dub her the next scream queen, but that label feels far too simplistic.

For one, Taylor-Joy only rarely plays the damsel in distress. In fact, she’s often the one to watch out for in films such as “Morgan,” “Thoroughbreds,” and in the upcoming “New Mutants” adaptation in which she portrays a mutant with sorcerous powers. Nevertheless, there’s still a desire to define her as a type of “it girl,” perhaps because her wide-set eyes and porcelain skin give her an otherworldly air that fits with these sinister storylines.

“In Hollywood people always want you to have a thing,” Taylor-Joy said in an interview with IndieWire. “People give you a thing, whether you want it or not. I followed the roles that I love and the story that I love. I never make the decision of, ‘I’m pretty good at horror, so I’m going to keep doing this right now.’ It’s more just like my characters just happen to inhabit very dark worlds.”

Instead of being drawn to a genre or tone, Taylor-Joy lets the role pick her.

“It’s a weird sort of magic feeling when I read a script and I hear the character’s voice,” she said. “If I hear her voice instantly and I already start sitting like the person, I’m just like, ‘Okay, this person belongs to me, and I belong to them.’”

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